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Introducing ByeByeBulges, a new and exciting non-invasive fat reduction treatment from one of Southern California's most respected names in aesthetic treatments--CosmetiCare.The ByeByeBulges program is a series of laser treatments designed to actually eliminate fat cells from your body using heat and radio frequency. And once they're gone, they're gone!
Non-Surgical Fat Reduction Liposuction
non-invasive surgery
small pockets of fat moderate pockets of fat
no anesthesia anesthesia
no downtime downtime of 2 weeks
$2400 for 2 areas $5000 for 1 area
Which one is right for you
For a limited time only we're offering this treatment at over 50% off! Regularly priced at $1,200 per treatment, call today and receive our special introductory price of $599!
non-surgical fat reduction
non-surgical / liposuction
Great results. Lower price.



About Cosmeticare Our Team

In 1982, double board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Niccole founded CosmetiCare in Orange County, CA with a vision to create a plastic surgery facility that not only offers affordable pricing, but also does not compromise when it comes to quality.

Since then the practice has grown to become one of the largest providers of surgical and non-surgical aesthetic treatments in Southern California. CosmetiCare’s newest offering, “Say Bye Bye Bulges” treatment program offers affordable non-invasive fat reduction with great, permanent results.

CosmetiCare has been recognized for quality medical services and is one of the best providers of non-invasive fat reduction in Orange County due to high standards in service and outstanding results.



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Where To Get Best Non-Invasive Liposuction

There is always an inherent desire in each one of us to appear at our best and there is nothing better than a slim, lean figure that clinches it better. Sadly, this is something that is as elusive as is desirable and quite often we find ourselves in situations where no matter how hard we try, we cannot seem to shake those extra inches and pounds. This is where non-surgical liposuction can come to your rescue.

What Is The Best Method For Non-Surgical Lipo?

Non-surgical treatment has emerged as the best and safest method for removing fat from stomach and other obstinate areas that do not respond to dieting and exercise. Before the advent of non-surgical methods, the only option for people was to go through highly invasive major surgeries in order to remove stomach fat. These treatments, though still in use, carry certain amount of risks such as loss of blood, bruising, and scarring. In addition, patients had to experience a downtime after the surgery due to use of general anesthesia. Furthermore, a recovery period of at least one week was also required due to the high invasiveness of the procedure. Today, people looking to improve their appearance can benefit from highly advanced and safe solutions which use the best laser for fat removal method.

Best Stomach Fat Removal Treatment By Non-Surgical Liposuction

Best Stomach fat removal techniques that use laser for reducing fat in stomach, thighs, and other body areas have become the preferred methods for achieving a slimmer appearance. CosmetiCare is using this pioneering and extremely affordable stomach fat reduction treatment method to provide desired results to our clients without any fear of side-effects, recovery time, or downtime.

Removing Fat From Stomach Through Non Invasive Liposuction

CosmetiCare offers best laser fat reduction procedures that are completely non-invasive and do not carry any side-effects. A high powered laser is used to break and melt the subcutaneous fat deposits which are later secreted from the body through lymphatic system. The laser also helps in tightening the skin. Different patients may need varying number of sessions depending on their particular needs and fat in stomach and other body areas. Each session lasts from 30 minutes to one hour and patients can resume their daily routines after each session.

Save 50% On Non-Surgical Laser Liposuction Cost

In a sharp contrast with surgical liposuction, 50% discount on laser liposuction cost makes the procedure extremely affordable with a reduced price. CosmetiCare is offering a special discount of 50% off on all laser liposuction procedures for a limited time. Our usual price for regular treatment is $1,200 which has been reduced to an amazingly affordable $599.

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